3D Eco-Marine Reef Rocks
for beautiful coral reef tanks

Our 3D Solvi-Reef product range

nano reef rocks

Scape Rock

A range of beautiful of 3D shapes and sizes that closely resembles true coral rock.

Scape reef rock

Purple Scape Rock

Ideal for the Aquarist who prefers an instant mature coralline look.

shelf reef rocks

Shelf Rock

Creating beautiful ledges, available in a wide range of display sizes.

nano reef rocks

Nano Rock

Smaller versions of Scape and Shelf Rock, ideal for small tanks or add-ons to your reef.

solvireef branch reef rocks

Branch Rock

A high external and internal porosity rock that resembles a thick branch.

Manufactured Reef Rocks that
are environmentally friendly and
promotes healthy reef tanks!

Why choose Solvi-Reef 3D marine rocks?

  • Zero impact on the world's surviving coral reefs
  • Does not harbour any unwanted pests and uninvited hitchhikers
  • Macro-porosity provides high surface area for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria growth
  • Buffers pH at 8.1-8.4
  • Rich in natural calcium carbonate (CaCO3)
  • No curing required, ready to use
  • No two pieces alike
  • Available in amazing shapes and sizes
  • Easily bonds with epoxy, for custom reef scrape builds
  • Easy to stack and interlock to build your dream reef scape
  • Lighter than most natural live rock due to high porosity
  • Handcrafted product ensures constant supply
  • Purple reef rock is purple throughout, regardless if you drill into it
  • Purple reef rock resembles mature coralline cover reef

Be the agent of change, save our natural coral reefs. 

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