Solvi-Reef's range of
3D Eco- Marine Reef Rocks

Our range of reef rocks are environmentally friendly artificial “life-rock” alternatives for the eco-conscious aquarist, who supports a sustainable and pest-free alternative to live rocks from our precious coral reefs.  Solvi-Reef rocks are manufactured to be not only beautiful, but also practical for the aquarist who may prefer fish only or reef tanks only.  The natural substrates, rich in the calcium carbonates and minerals used to manufacture Solvi-Reef rocks, promote healthy reef tanks that functioin at the same time as great natural filters and offer suitable surfaces, especially for coralline algae.  Discover our range of rocks below.

Scape Rock

3D Scape Rock is available in a beautiful range of 3D shapes and sizes closely resembling true coral rock.  Sizes range from nano to display size custom rock.  The rock’s natural-looking 3D design allows you to easily stack, interlock and shape your dream reef scape in no time.  Macro- and micro- porosity provide high surface areas for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria growth, turning Solvi-Reef 3D rock into bio-active rock spheres.  The rocks are suitable for marine aquarium set-ups and for fish such as African cichlids who prefer harder water.

solvireef scape reef rock
purple scape reef rock

Purple Scale & Shelf Rock<

Solvi-Reef 3D Purple Scape and Shelf Rocks are ideal for the aquarist who prefers that instant mature coralline look.  The rocks are purple throughout the rock.  These handcrafted rocks, created by our skilled artisans, ensure that each rock is unique with no two alike.  Their designs are such that they are perfectly suited for fish only or reef tanks only.  The plentiful caves and shapes provide plentiful fish hide-outs and lots of perfect positioning points to place your frags.

Shelf Rock

Solvi-Reef’s 3D Shelf Rock is made from the same ingredients as our 3D Scape Rock.  The rocks are available from nano to large display sizes.  They are great for creating beautiful ledges for fish to dart underneath or to place your frags or clams on top.  The rocks can be easily stacked or glued to our 3D scape rock to create a natural-looking reef scape that is not only good-looking, but also provides a fish “playground” and plenty of space for your frags to attach.

solvi reef purple and white rock

Nano Rock

Solvi-Reef 3D Nano Rock consists of a smaller version of our 3D Scape and Shelf Rocks.  This rock is great for starting a small nano tank or for those add-ons to your reef tank.  A typical box of nano rock will contain saucer-sized rocks and a small shelf.  They are available in purple or natural look.

Branch Rock

The Solvi-Reef 3D Branch Rock is similiar in appearance to the branching rock we used to see back in the day from Tonga.  This rock not only resembles a thick branch, but also has a very high external and internal porosity, making it hard to distinguish from the real branch once you have done your reef scape.  This rock easily interlocks, allowing you to replicate a beautiful coral reef in your own tank.  These branching rocks are available in a natural dry coral look and in a purple coralline.

solvireef branch reef rock

Using Solvi-Reef Rock

When setting up your new reef aquarium, the question is how much rock you should use.  It all depends what reef scape you are planning, but the general rule of thumb is 500gm-1kg per gallon of water.

Solvi-Reef rocks stack and interlock easily.  If you are planning a more adventurous reef scape, you may use a marine-safe epoxy.  If you require to do some drilling into the rocks, it is best to not use the drill using the hammer functionality – rather employ a medium speed non-hammer action.  It is always recommended that you complete your tank cycle and proper curing, before introducing aquarium life into your tank.  Also ensure that your water parameters are correct, your pH reads 8.0-8.4, and the ammonia and nitrites read 0.  As you will be starting with dry rock, you may speed up your cycle by adding some pieces of good quality pest-free live rock to your aquarium.  With the correct water parameters and lighting, your Solvi-Reef rocks will quickly turn into beautiful coralline covered artificial live rocks.

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